March 23, 2012

Home of the Transformation Project

The Transformation Project is a collaborative project of the Center for Educational and Economic Development (CEED) and other business professionals and vendors committed to supporting educators in their goals to improve teaching and learning practices in an ever-changing and challenging environment. Arelis Salon, Glamorales, Word of Mouth Photography, and K&S Nails  have come together to provide educators with the makeover they need on the outside to galvanize the passion and purpose of the master teacher on the inside. Through the Transformation Project, CEED aims to influence the educational system by delivering inspirational and motivational workshops as professional development, coupled with a new look and a new style that revitalizes the professional teacher spirit. This is a progressive approach to making the connection between the spirit and energy of the teacher to the pedagogy, data analysis, and educational theory that is needed to move schools forward. To be TransformEDbyCEED is to create change agents for the local school  and America’s educational system.

March 2, 2012

Makeovers and Mindovers

Thank you for visiting the blog. This is where “edheads” come to be transformed into Educators Extraordinaire! I am Martina James–a teacher, educator, administrator, and entrepreneur turned  transformation leader. “What is that”, you ask? I am the person to call when every intervention has failed and change has become cliche and a dream unfulfilled. As the  founder of CEED, I have established a goal for making education profitable and purposeful for students. Therefore, I am committed to empowering teachers and administrators in their efforts to improve student performance for our youth by bring meaning and value to the learning experience.

The TransformEDbyCEED blog is the place to go to share the hard and painful truths about the realities of teaching and learning in America’s educational systems. However, the truth becomes the fuel need to spark change. The dynamics and inner-workings of a school are not as they used to be, nor are they what most imagine them to be. Schools are tough places for teachers to be, but they offer the greatest promise for our future.

So why combat a HUGE issue with a makeover? Beauty costs, and so does success. The Transformation Project uses the simplicity of personal visible change as the gateway to systemic change. When we look at innovation in education, we must consider the cost of innovation. There are investments, assets,  liabilities, profits and losses in determining the effectiveness of a new approach. For instance, when “whole language” instruction was introduced, there were a group of students that did not learn to read. Teachers experimented with the theory, and we later found that we were on the right track before. There was a cost. To be TransformEDbyCEED is to make an investment in the teacher-spirit of a man or woman that empowers them to seek the answers to the hard questions within themselves.

I remember being a mentor teacher. I always encouraged teachers to tap into their own experiences and use the lessons learned to ignite their students. Students cannot be ignited  when the flame and passion of teaching has been extinguished in the teacher. TransformEDby CEED wants to set teachers on fire! Martina James is a passionate educator who brings a fire for education into schools and will make this teaching-and-learning experience HOT!